AOC and progressive Democrats tear into Biden’s border plan

Author: Yuvi January 27, 2023

‘Doing better than Trump shouldn’t be the bar’: AOC and progressive Democrats tear into Biden’s border plan and compare migrants being deported under Title 42 to Jews fleeing the Holocaust

AOC and other progressive lawmakers tore into Joe Biden’s new migrant policiesBiden ‘is making it effectively impossible to seek refuge at our border,’ AOC saidSen. Booker compared new policies to turning away Jews during the Holocaust 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and several House and Senate Democrats tore into Joe Biden for his new migrant policies by claiming he is ‘resurrecting’ Trump-era border protocols and making it ‘impossible’ for immigrants to seek asylum.

A group of nearly 80 lawmakers sent a letter to President Biden condemning his expansion of the use of the pandemic-era expulsion policy known as Title 42, as well as implementing new bans on asylum-seekers.

The effort was led by Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker as well as Representative Ocasio-Cortez, known colloquially as AOC.

‘There can be no confusing the Biden administration’s immigration policy with the Trump administration’s, but doing better than Trump shouldn’t be the bar,’ AOC said outside the Capitol on Thursday at a podium with a sign reading: ‘#AsylumIsARight’

Booker also compared Biden’s asylum policies at the southern border to Jews on the ‘Voyage of the Damned’ who were turned away from the U.S. when fleeing the Holocaust by ship during World War II.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined several other lawmakers who filtered in an out of a press conference on border policies. AOC slammed President Joe Biden for his new proposals to handle migration and said ‘doing better than Trump shouldn’t be the bar’

‘We have dark chapters,’ Booker said. ‘Like when the St. Louis during the Holocaust sailed to our shores and was turned around where folks were sent back to those horrors and many died,’ he noted.

The group of more than a half dozen Democrats took turns speaking about border policies at the anti-Title 42 press conference, and vowed to ‘hold Biden accountable’ even though they are part of the same political party.

‘We recognize that the United States is experiencing a difficult migration challenge at the southern border,’ Menendez said without calling the situation at border a ‘crisis’. ‘We recognize that President Trump made a top priority to dismantle border and asylum processing as we know it.’

The press conference came weeks after Biden announced new policies for the border, including expanding title 42 and requiring migrants to apply for asylum with a cellphone app before making the trek by plane or through a legal land or sea port of entry.

‘Last year, President Biden promised to end Title 42,’ AOC said at Thursday’s press conference. ‘Instead he is now expanding restrictions on asylum seekers.’

‘This administration is making it effectively impossible to seek refuge at our border.’ 

Figures released for December show that the number of encounters at the southern border are continuing to rise – and reached a new all-time single month high of 251,487 

Following Biden’s announcement this month, the president visited the southern border for the first time nearly two years after taking office after a fair amount of pressure from Republicans to prove he was serious about solving the crisis with a trip to the barrier with Mexico.

‘We are willing to hold administrations accountable for the rights of immigrants and immigrant families regardless of party or allegiance,’ AOC said. ‘Right is right. And our main allegiance is to the families – immigrant and U.S. families.’

Menendez said that Biden’s new policies ‘punish’ asylum seekers, while Booker said policies are ‘forcing’ migrants to ‘break laws’ in order to flee their home countries to seek refuge in the U.S.

‘You cannot make America great again by making America hate again,’ Menendez said by employing former President Trump’s often-repeated 2016 campaign slogan.

Joe Biden released new policies this month to include expanding the pandemic-era expulsion policy known as Title 42 and requiring migrants to apply for asylum online before coming to the U.S. border. Pictured: Biden visited the border for the first time as president on January 8 after years of pleads from Republicans for him to survey the crisis

Representative Cori Bush of Missouri, who was also at the press conference on Thursday, said Congress and Biden ‘can do better than Title 42 and the asylum transit ban.’

‘We can respect the dignity of immigrants,’ she said, to which AOC said Bush ‘brought it home.’

Customs and Border Protection released new figures recently showing they encountered 251,487 migrants at the southern border in December – a new record-high breaking the previous high from May 2022.

More than 4 million migrants have hopped the border since Biden took office in January 2021.

27 January, 2023, 7:53 am

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