In ‘Mar Diya Re Rasgulla Chala Ke’, Saba Khan showed the killer performance,

Author: Yogi April 14, 2022 In 'Mar Diya Re Rasgulla Chala Ke', Saba Khan showed the killer performance,
Saba Khan

In the world of Bhojpuri music, actress Saba Khan has achieved tremendous popularity in a very short time. Whenever any of his video songs come, he does wonders. The reason for this is nothing but the acts and expressions of the actress. Taking this sequence forward, now a new music video of Saba Khan has arrived, whose lyrics are ‘Maar Diya Re Rasgulla Chala Ke’. This song of hers has made people crazy as soon as it is released and how can they not become good people because the actress has spread her beauty like every time. His video song is going viral.

Saba Khan

The video of Saba Khan’s new Bhojpuri song ‘Maar Diya Re Rasgulla Chala Ke’ has been released from the YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Since joining this music company, the actress has created panic. Every video song of his gets released as soon as it is released and people enjoy his songs a lot. At the same time, Saba also wins the hearts of people by showing her amazing expressions. Now people are lavishing love on his new song too. Seeing the expressions and actions of the actress in this, you will lose your heart. Saba has given a great performance in this. Seeing him in the video, it seems that he has shot it with full energy. Along with the performances, the dance moves have also been shown by the actress very well. At the same time, his flexible waist is doing wonders. There is a different magic in his waist.

Saba Khan

Bhojpuri Video Song ‘Maar Diya Re Rasgulla Chala Ke’ has been sung by very talented singer Shilpi Dehati in her own special style. His voice has put life in this song. His voice is only making the audience crazy. At the same time, the music of the song is also amazing, which has been given by Arya Sharma. The lyrics of this song have been written by Sagir Sanehi. The director is Bhojpuria. She has given the actress amazing space on the screen, due to which she is able to entertain the audience a lot. The choreography is done by Rani Prajapati. His choreography is also amazing. He has put amazing dance steps in it.

14 April, 2022, 1:38 pm

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