New York City set to FINALLY break nearly year-long snowless streak

Author: Yuvi January 25, 2023

New York City set to FINALLY break nearly year-long snowless streak – with the Big Apple braced for a flurry of the white stuff on Wednesday

New York City could soon finally see snow after astonishing 321-day drought It has been the second-longest snowless streak in the city’s history But drought expected to be broken tomorrow as the city will see ‘dusting’ of snow while Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire are battered by storms

New York City will finally be hit by snow on Wednesday after experiencing the second-longest drought on record. 

The Big Apple has been without measurable snowfall since March 9, 2022 – making it 321 days as of Tuesday.  

The record for the longest-ever snowless streak stands at 332 days and happened in the year up to December 2020. 

New York City has been unusually dry this winter, compared to other years where it typically sees up to nine inches of snow – pictured January 5, 2023. 

It has not snowed in New York City since March 9 last year. Here the Big Apple is pictured covered in snowfall on Jan 29, 2022 

However the Fox Forecast Center does not expect this year to surpass the all-time record as parts of the city will receive a slight dusting of snow. 

And parts of the wider New York state could see up to 18 inches, with Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine set to be worst-affected.

It comes a day after threats of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes hit the South. 

Fox forecasts that snow fall will be ‘modest’ but enough to reset the clock on the number of days without snow in the city. Measurable snow is defined as at least 0.1 inches.

Data shows the New York City’s longest snowless streaks since records began

A photo from Times Square, NYC, on January 29 shows city covered in snow VS January 13 this year

However, if it does not snow and continues to remain dry until for another ten days then this year will officially be the longest snowless streak in New York’s history. 

Yesterday the current drought surpassed the now third-longest streak which lasted 320 days, coming to an end in 1973. 

A Ventusky image suggests parts of New York could see a couple of inches of snow from tomorrow 

The fourth longest drought was 391 days and happened between 2001-2002.  

Meteorologists were already speculating last week that a flurry of snow in Central Park was imminent. 

New York state climatologist Mark Wysocki told local news site ‘We should get a shot at two storms that should produce nothing but snow for us.

‘Each storm is capable of bringing 2 to 4 inches of snow but that could change to 4 to 8 inches pretty quickly.’

It has been unusually warm start to the year, with this January ranking as the third mildest in New York since records began.

The mean temperature from January 1 to January 16 was 43.9 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly 10 degrees above the average for this time of the year.

Typically New York first starts to see its first drops of snow on December 11 and by January it surpasses nine inches.

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