Prime Minister will take a final call over crypto bill

Author: Yuvi December 11, 2021 india-likely-to-table-cryptocurrency-bill-before-parliament-session

Prime minister Narendra Modi will take a final decision on country’s proposed regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, as conflicting viewpoints among stakeholders emerge. The sources reported that a high-level meeting was held on Thursday to consider all the options on the table, which at the moment include a total ban on private cryptocurrencies, a partial ban, allowing all categories of crypto products with regulation, or just few products with regulation.

These discussions are likely to continue on Friday before a final decision for this is taken. Indian finance ministry has finalised a draft note on this proposed bill, although some members of government have emphasised the need for more detailed discussions.

“PM will now take a final call on these,” the sources says.

11 December, 2021, 12:31 pm
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Saturday, 11th December 2021

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