Salman Khan said this thing ‘India does not live between Cuffe Parade and Andheri’

Author: Yogi March 29, 2022 Salman Khan said this thing 'India does not live between Cuffe Parade and Andheri'

When it comes to saying the right and true thing, it does not take long for ‘Prem’ of Hindi cinema to become ‘Dabangg’ or ‘Sultan’. We are talking about Salman Khan. There should be lakhs of compliments on Salman Khan, cases should be instituted for his behavior in public life, but, Salman Khan never hesitated to expose the reality of Hindi cinema. Salman Khan says, ‘Those who think that the country of India lives only between Cuffe Parade and Andheri, they need to understand the real India. Unless people understand the real India, how will the real India be seen in Hindi films?’ On this occasion, Salman Khan also took a dig at those who have been against keeping cinema closer to reality and giving the hero a ‘larger than life’ look. Cuffe Parade is the poshest area of ​​South Mumbai and Andheri is the main center of Hindi cinema production activities these days.

During an event in Mumbai, Salman Khan spoke openly about the changed nature of cinema. He gave his views on Telugu cinema. He shared his heart on the importance of hero in stories and clearly said, ‘Hero is still presented as a hero in South Indian films. This is the cinema of Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. They just adopted it and made it bigger. We started making ‘realistic cinema’. I have been doing larger than life pictures from the very beginning.

Salman Khan has also recently forayed into Telugu cinema. He is going to make a special appearance in the film ‘Godfather’ with Chiranjeevi, father of the film ‘RRR’ hero Ram Charan. Says Salman, “Working with Chiranjeevi was a wonderful experience. Ram Charan and he both have been close to me. Ram Charan’s work is excellent in the film ‘RRR’.

from this mention came the mention of Telugu cinema becoming popular in Hindi-speaking areas and Hindi films not getting the same love in the South. What Salman Khan said is in a way the pain of Hindi cinema. He says, ‘But then why don’t our films play there. While his films are going on with us. That’s because he plays herogiri. I do the same larger than life hero films, but where do people believe, they say this is very old, we should be realistic. Some people also feel that whatever is there in India is just between Cuffe Parade and Andheri. Get out and have a look. My films are for the people there. My films based on reality are for the people of real India.

29 March, 2022, 11:46 am

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Tuesday, 29th March 2022

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