Shahnaz Gill’s Journey Fat to Fit

Author: Yogi March 27, 2022 Shahnaz Gill's Journey Fat to Fit
Shahnaz Gill’s Journey Fat to Fit

Shahnaz revealed about all these things in Shilpa Shetty’s show Shape of You. He also spoke openly about his weight loss journey. Shahnaz told what he did when he had to lose weight. Shehnaz Gill said that during this journey she ate the same food which she used to eat earlier. She used to think that how lucky actresses are, how many personal trainers they have, but I have nothing. Shahnaz said that everyone can be fit even by staying at home.

If you do not have permission to go out, then walk at home. You can do whatever you want. Can fit in salwar suits too. Regarding the diet, the actress said that she did not take any different diet. In the morning, she used to drink tea, drink turmeric water. After that, Shahnaz starts the day by drinking apple cider vinegar water. Also, she sometimes eats gram dosa, fenugreek paratha in breakfast. Shahnaz said that she does high protein breakfast. Just they have reduced the portion of food.

27 March, 2022, 2:19 pm

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