Why did John Abraham get angry at a press conference?

Author: Yogi March 29, 2022 Why did John Abraham get angry at a press conference?

These days John Abraham is promoting his upcoming film ‘Attack’ openly. His film will hit theaters on April 1. However, in the meantime, a negative news is coming about John. It is being said that during a promotional event of ‘Attack’, he angrily called a journalist very bad. He called the journalist at the event as ‘dumb’. Apart from this, he also told him that you seem to have left your mind at home.

It is worth noting that director Lakshya Raj Anand is directing John Abraham’s ‘Attack’. Apart from John, the film also stars Rakul Preet Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Prakash Raj and Ratna Pathak Shah. All these stars are engaged in the promotion of the film. The trailer of the film has been released, after seeing which it is expected that in the coming days, once again John is going to hit the box office.

According to a media report, during the ‘Attack’ promotional event, when John was asked, “There is an overdose of action in your films. It looks good as long as you are seen fighting with four or five people but it reaches the limit when you are alone on the screen fighting 200 people apart from throwing bikes and stopping choppers with your hands. Everything seems like a little overdose action”. However, dripping in the middle of the question, stopping the journalist, he says, “Is your question related to ‘attack’.” Then the journalist clears him that this question was about his film ‘Satyamev Jayate’. To this John says, “I’m sorry I’m talking about ‘attack’, if you have a problem with it then I’m sorry. I really hurt you.”

According to the report, further commenting on a fitness related question, the actor said, “More than being physically fit, I am trying to be mentally fit to answer some crazy questions because people are very dumb. Huh. The actor further said that it looks like you have left your mind. Well no problem on behalf of everyone, I will apologize to you, never mind, you will do better next time.” Further, he calls the media person Uncle and says, “If you ask the same worn-out questions like Uncle, then you will have a problem. The question you should ask today is why is the attack special or unique? Ask questions related to this movie.

29 March, 2022, 12:13 pm

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